Be Careful, Changes to For-Profit Colleges Could Hurt You

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Recent changes to federal policy governing for-profit colleges could have a detrimental impact on you. There was a movement to make sure that these colleges offered true value and that they did not saddle students with more debt that necessary. Click on the image below to see how these changes could impact you…

The Trump administration is suspending two key rules from the Obama administration that were intended to protect students from predatory for-profit colleges, saying it will soon start the process to write its own regulations. Critics denounced it, accusing the administration of essentially selling out students to help for-profit colleges stay in business. The Education Department released a statement saying that it was going to create new committees to rewrite rules covering borrower defense to repaying, or BDR, and gainful employment.

Trump team halts rules meant to protect students from predatory for-profit colleges – LA Times

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