4 Money Problems You Can’t Afford Not to Fix

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Fifty years ago, things were so simple. The digital and other money challenges that you face today we’re non-existent. Fastforward to today and there are mounting problems that you can not afford not to fix. These issues can leave you broke and have a negative long term impact on your life.

Click on the image below to identify and fix the four things that can make or break your financial future…

The first general-purpose credit card, the BankAmericard (now known as Visa), appeared on the scene in 1966. In the years since, credit cards have proliferated to the point where the average American now holds 2.6 credit cards — and $8,377 in credit card debt. How to fix it: If you’re stuck with a lot of credit card debt, getting it paid off can seem about as easy as eating an elephant.

4 money problems that didn’t exist 50 years ago (and how to fix them) – Jul. 6, 2017

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